How we got here?

We're not "rocket scientists". Rockets would probably be more fun. Although we do have specific training in the field of website development and various computer languages most of our skills were developed through years of experience.

Our path to website development was a rather strange one. Our first career (20 + years) was business to business sales and marketing. In fact, we have personally been involved in the selling and marketing of 100+ product lines as corporate employees and as independent brokers. Many are brand names you would recognize. Most of these products lines were houseware and hardware related.

Our sales and marketing background is a major PLUS that most in this business cannot offer you. We, at least, understand exactly what it takes to sell a product or service.

As the Internet evolved we recognized the value of using it to help up present and sell our various product lines to our customers. So we began by constructing very basic online sales and marketing materials for our own products.

Over time we finally arrived at a point where our acquired skills in creating materials for the web afforded us the opportunity to change careers AND eliminate 50,000 miles of driving every year. The only thing we might miss, occasionally, are the frequent flier miles.

Our business philosophy.

The one thing we noticed as our business developed was how difficult and confusing the Internet and Websites were to the average person. There was the website domain name, the website construction, the website hosting, the shopping carts, the email addresses, etc., etc. It was a virtual ZOO if you did not understand it. Our competitors handled this ZOO of information by quoting plans like "Platinum, Silver & Gold" or "Basic, Advanced & Professional". The problem is most people didn't know what they needed to put their business on the web in the first place! 

We have turned this "plan concept" on it's ear. Our approach is work with us and we simply make your plan whatever you might need at an agreed upon price! And our annual hosting charge, which is adequate for many of our customers, is less than $50.00 a year!

We offer EVERYTHING you might need to run your online business!

  • if you need 25 databases ... you get 25 databases
  • if you need 1000 email addresses ... you get 1000 email addresses.

One point on website hosting.

As a general rule, we ONLY host websites for our clients. We do not solicit website hosting business. It gives up better control over the load on our servers and provides our clients with better overall performance.