A Few of Our Projects

Shadowline Lingerie is well known brand that recently changed hands. In fact, the brand, after 62 years, disappeared for more than a year in the process. Our mission was to give the brand a fresh look despite the lack of full line photography and give many loyal shoppers and opportunity to restock on their favorite line of lingerie. The website officially opens for business soon. Full color photography will follow shortly on all products.

Alabaster Fragrance & Color, Inc. is a significant Candle, Bath & Body Supply distributor based in Alabaster Alabama. This site was recently rebuilt. The shopping cart contains more than 1,000 SKUS. Their online business represents approximately 70% of their total business. We have been involved with the company for more than 5 years. We also produce and mail promotional emails for Alabaster.

Tip Finishes is an interesting Charlotte, NC based business. They needed to convey exactly what services they performed to their potential customers. Their services were quite simply the complete refinishing of existing cabinetry and woodwork vs. the much more costly option of replacement. This required numerous galleries of their possible restoration finishes

The Diamond Line is large southern California based Advertising Specialty beverage container decorator. Due to the nature of their business they could not sell their products online. They do, however, have an extensive multi-category product line that needs frequent updates. Their site is basically a 600+ item online catalog. The company also runs frequent promotions, requiring web site animations, banners, sell sheets and photography. 

Bulldog Winch is, obviously, a manufacturer of Truck, ATV and UTV winches. Bulldog's website illustrates their complete product line but also sells that product line in a "dealer friendly" manner. Their 3rd party shopping cart collects orders but those orders are  transmitted to their network of nationwide dealers based upon the location of the buyer. Their dealers are actually the ultimate beneficiaries of Bulldog's Shopping Cart. Bulldog does not miss any sales opportunities and their dealers are kept in the sales loop. We have worked with Bulldog for several years.

Southeast Framing is a Charlotte, NC. based specialist in residential and commercial building framing. Southeast needed to sell residential and commercial businesses on their services. They also needed a number of forms to collect multi-lingual employment applications from qualified construction workers. Their website has been an invaluable tool in accomplishing both objectives.

Covered Shade is a Charlotte, NC. based specialist in outdoor lawn structures (pergolas, decks, porches, etc.). Covered Shade needed to sell their quality workmanship with numerous categorized photo albums of their work. If you take a moment to visit the site you'll see the end result. The results from this website have been very good.

B-Rays Nulook is an Ohio based distributor of auto and truck detailing supplies. This site is still under construction but we thought it would be a good example anyway. This is a very competitive category and we have performed a great deal of SEO on this particular website. The results have been nothing short of phenomenal considering that we took a brand new website to the front page of Google in less than 60 days! Try it yourself. Type detailing supply Ohio into the Google search box. You'll see our client is ranked #4. Type in detailing supply (or supplies) Lancaster Ohio (the hometown) and you'll see out client is #1. We specialize in LOCAL SEARCH!